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on Channel 12 News Conneticut

I am a Connecticut Preschool owner and introduced Little Stars Online Preschool curriculum this September. Since starting the program, my students have flourished tremendously academically! Each day, my students look forward to what they will learn next. They love Miss Amanda and all the other wonderful teachers involved! A class favorite is Fun Friday where  a different story is told through puppetry. Little Stars is very engaging including all the interactive items in the boxes! The Weekly Workbooks are the best I've seen in 20 years of teaching. They make learning fun for the kids! Thank you Little Stars Online Preschool for making YOUR program extra special for OUR children!- Preschool owner, Preschool Abound Academy


Since starting with the Little Stars program, Anthony has learned to recognize all letters, shapes, and numbers. He counts everything, and "reads" his weekly workbooks at night before bed. He is always showing interest in learning, which tells me that this program makes his learning fun!      - V.S.


We pride ourselves on a vibrant program consisting of equal time learning, virtually and hands-on! Your child will enjoy more learning fun with our Little Stars Online Preschool Weekly Workbooks. Our program helps prepare your little one for Kindergarten in the comfort of their own home! Start at anytime!

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Our program offers a 38 week program with daily videos and weekly workbooks for ages 3-6.

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Morning Music

Letter Enrichment

Number Enrichment

Shapes and Colors Fun

Weekly Workbooks

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Stacking Blocks

Letter Enrichment


Letter Enrichment is a fundamental goal of preschool literacy instruction. Little Stars Online Preschool practices the alphabet in fun ways that incorporates fine motor skills, sensory, shapes, and more!

Kids in Preschool

Number Enrichment

Number Enrichment practices building number identification and counting skills by encouraging your child to play and learn through fun activity.

Playing in Nursery

Shapes and Colors Fun

Shapes and Colors Fun enables your preschooler to learn and identify colors in a fun and creative way!


Every child receives a Little Stars Online Preschool Welcome Box with enrollment!

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